4. Pitch

Use the power of sport as a catalyst for change, with an innovative adidas product, service, brand experience or campaign for 17-25 year olds in a key city.

Services: Brand Identity, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Packaging Design and Motion Design


            With population within urban areas only increasing, room to breathe to play sport becomes harder and harder to come by, which leaves a lasting impact on the sportsman of tomorrow. The solution to this prominent issue is to create where it is deemed to be impossible.

The idea of Adidas: Pitch is to use the power of imagination and creation to make things possible, through the use of a chalk based spray which acts as a temporary graffiti within the area, but has the ability to be removed by rain or washing down.

Design Direction
            The design direction for Pitch takes a contrasting approach in its visual language and follows the desire of embracing uniqueness and visual imperfections when communicating the story behind the idea and showcasing it to its intended audience and to follow the mantra of: “Be Bold. Be Creative and Get Involved”.

This is shown by taking elements of the grittiness and close up visuals of spray on a surface to create a bespoke identity and packaging design for Pitch to enable it to stand out from the crowd and offer something new, fresh and exciting.

Social Media Presence
            To maximise the effectiveness of the advertisements of Pitch, the main focuses of the advertising goes down the avenue of social media such as Instagram as it is a platform that is visual at heart and is tailor-made for people within the age demographic which Pitch is aiming towards.