Hi, this is Benjamin Parfitt, a British designer working (at) Human After All.
He received his BA(Hons) and Masters degree in graphic design from Falmouth University.
An iced latte lover, and an avid Arsenal fan. 



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2021 (On-going)

⮑ How can variable fonts be used as a tool for accessibility?

⮑ ‘Flexi-Read’ is a web browser extension which is a tool that allows people who have dyslexia be able to adjust type on the digital screen – ranging from spacing of the characters and words to the weight, height and weight of characters.

‘Flexi-Read’ uses variable fonts as the base typography format as variable fonts allow for more adaptability for different outcomes which helps enable a more unique and tailored adjustments for those who need it most.

⮑ Brand Identity, Art Direction, Graphic Design and Website Design

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