Hi, this is Benjamin Parfitt, a British designer working (at) Human After All.
He received his BA(Hons) and Masters degree in graphic design from Falmouth University.
An iced latte lover, and an avid Arsenal fan. 



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Explore and discover prototype design solutions to present information to the public in relation to public access to the digital archive collection

⮑ As it stands, there are an estimated 425,000 3D objects held by the Science Museum, most of which aren’t on display as space has become an issue for the objects. A way to prevent this issue arising further sees the step in of augmented reality.

Using augmented reality will allow digital versions of the objects to be placed in the surroundings of the relevant curated exhibition space which will be aided by an application that will accompany each exhibition called ‘Explore’ and will be linked to the Science Museum’s digital archive collection to provide more insight about the object on screen. 

⮑  Identity System, Application Design, Exhibition Design and Art Direction

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